Artist and producer.LORNA OTERO

Lorna Otero (Santurce, Puerto Rico, 1979) begins her artistic inquiry at the end of the first decade of the 21st century under the sign of a multivalent search. She moves between various creative fields and in practicing them rejects watertight compartments. Going beyond her life-experience—as a communicator, cultural agent, theater entrepreneur, art teacher for children and plastic artist –her work as a whole spills over the borders between art and pedagogy; science fiction and photography; theater production and installations that combine costume design, furnishings and acting direction with present-day relational art, or theatrical explorations of a sociological nature and performance. All to put forward the whole of a practice that, from its place of origin, deals with questions about today’s global identity in the passage of our time (Adriana Herrera Reyes PHD Curadora).