My Trip To The Moon | Sketches

The exhibition consists of a presentation in video of a remake of the film Le Voyage dans la Lune, produced in 1902 by the French director George Méliès, and an installation of sculptures and props used in its reproduction.

The story, originally by writer Jules Verne is appropriated and modified by the artist Lorna Otero, who like Méliès uses a gamma of special effects to tell the story of a fantastic voyage to the lunar surface.

In the plot of the video the trip is made by children scientists in the year XXXX, apparently members of a dystopian society with aims to discover new territories. The members of the crew arrive to the moon and are immediately taken hostage by a satyr who inhabits it surrounded by European and American modern works of art in a sort of macabre museum. But the children then escape successfully and return to Earth.

The installation that accompanies this video is a recreation of the sets and props that were used to create the recent iteration of A Trip to the Moon.

Some props can be shipped from Puerto Rico, others can be remade on site to lower transport costs. For the installation we would need a smoke machine that makes the type of smoke that is heavy and stays close to the ground. All this is to be determined with gallery.

The video is silent, but there is a soundscape for the total artwork. For the reproduction of the video we would need a cinematic format LED screen, and for the sound a discreet speaker system, something like a bar speaker that can be placed over the entryway to the gallery.

The effect of all these elements activated simultaneously aims to envelop the public in stimuli, bringing them into the plot of the video and enabling the exploration of its themes —which spins around the desire of discovery, conquest, cultural brokering and clashes, and transmigrations.

George Méliès reference